You offer great benefits.

We’ll guide your employees to the right ones.

Personalized recommendations driven by real time claims analytics.

Most people find it stressful and confusing to choose a health plan, resulting in $150B+ of waste per year.
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Why Budgie?

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Personalized recommendations

Budgie uses individual claims history to seamlessly generate a trustworthy recommendation.

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Powerful benefit analytics

Understand what benefits your employees need and help drive adoption of what you have.

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Increased employee satisfaction

By better understanding the plans they select, your employees will trust and appreciate the benefits you offer more….and reduce the questions you get.

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Savings for employers and employees

When employees make the best benefit decisions, it's a financial win-win.

Our Mission

People shouldn’t need a PhD to understand their healthcare benefits. At Budgie, we are reinventing how Americans interact with those benefits.

We believe that by translating complex healthcare data into simple financial experiences, we can empower people to make better decisions while saving time, money and stress.

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We are experienced builders with rich domain experience across employee benefits, healthcare payments, insurtech, consumer product, and fintech. We’ve built products with the highest level of customer satisfaction and security serving both companies and consumers at scale.

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