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Aug 9, 2023 - Budgie Health selected to join the UHC Accelerator! See the full press release here.
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Benefit Decisions with Data

Harness the power of your health claims to optimize benefit designs and help your employees make better decisions.


Budgie is the first solution that gives employees real-time access to their health claims data, helping them make better enrollment, spend, and utilization decisions.

employee decision support

You Offer Great Benefits

We’ll guide your employees to the options that meet their health and financial needs.



Effective Recommendations for Your Employees

Help your employees manage health costs and maximize their benefits with outbound personalized recommendations year-round.


Benefit Analytics & Optimization

Optimize Your Benefits Offerings

Employers and brokers can stop estimating and start analyzing benefit designs with a holistic view of benefit engagement & utilization.


Budgie Health Gets Results

Speech Bubbles with hearts inside of them to help better represent employee satisfaction.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

With a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, employees are given more peace of mind. This enables trust and appreciation towards the benefits you offer.

A computer icon with graphs illustrating the powerful analytics that Budgie Health has.

Powerful Benefit Analytics

We drive a 30%+ employee plan shift. This helps you understand what benefits your employees need and helps drive greater adoption of your offerings.

A helping hand icon with a money symbol in the middle showing incredibly savings for everyone involved.

Incredible Savings For Everyone

Budgie helps save $1200+ per employee by getting them to choose the right benefits. When employees make the best benefit decisions, it saves money for both you and them!

Who we serve


Help your employees make better benefit decisions

Save your employees money by helping them make the best decisions
Reduce your costs by engaging your employees in the right benefits for them
Gather data on increased utilization and employee satisfaction with your benefits program

Brokers & Consultants

Differentiate with data-backed support to your clients

Optimize your clients’ benefit designs with differentiated data, AI, and claims-based reporting
Drive participation in offerings that make sense for your clients' employees
Help provide your clients with a solution to acheive their enrollment and cost goals


Get in front of the right members at the right time

Grow participation in your offering with personalized engagement
Save on product marketing efforts
Get feedback when relevant members don’t engage


Make confident benefit decisions at open enrollment and beyond

Select the right benefits at open enrollment with the help of your own medical data
Get helpful nudges during the year on things you can do to save on your medical costs
Get feeAlways have a healthcare financial advisor to consult on your benefitsdback when relevant members don’t engage

Your Privacy Matters

At Budgie, we take the utmost pride in upholding strict data privacy, security, and accessibility by closely following the HIPAA and SOC2 compliance measures.

HIPAA Compliant and AICPA SOC 2 logos to show that we care about your privacy.
An image of Budgie's mascot on a computer helping you look for the best insurance deal.

about us

We're a Team of Healthcare Builders

Our mission is to take the financial stress out of healthcare. We do that by providing clarity and confidence to make the right decisions.

We are experienced builders with rich domain expertise across employee benefits, healthcare payments, insurtech, consumer product, and fintech. We’ve built products with the highest level of customer satisfaction and security serving both companies and consumers at scale.

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